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Crawford County Speedway

Truck Demolition Demo Rules
Truck Demolition Demo Rules
Combine Demolition Derby Rules


Truck Demo Derby (2009) Rules:

1. All drivers must be at least 16 years of age to participate.

2. Any driver under 18 years of age must have written parental permission (notarized) before they are allowed to participate.

3. The pit area will be restricted to pit passes only.

4. Any fighting or drinking in the pit area will subject the offender, and the car he or she is associated with to suspension depending on the seriousness of the incident and the decision of the official. The driver/owner of every car is responsible for his/her pit crew and their conduct. This includes fans and family in the grandstand.

5. Absolutely no one is allowed in the scorer's booth other than officials.

6. No driver may get out of his car on the track to argue or discuss a situation with the flagman or official. Violation of the rule will result in disqualification.

7. The racing officials will resolve any disagreement over the technical question. When their decision is rendered, such decision is final and binding.

8. Official will determine all finishing positions and their decisions will be final and binding.

9. Truck must be 1970 or newer, or 3/4 ton only, 4 wheel drive ok if front drive shaft is disabled.

10. All glass must be removed.

11. All chrome or plastic trim and molding must be removed, including plastic grills, taillights and parking lights. (Helps keep the track clean.)

12. Absolutely no profane words or suggestive pictures allowed on cars. This is a family type of entertainment.

13. All cars must have an 18 inch by 18 inch sign on top of car with numbers on both sides (or something similar in nature).

14. No three-digit numbers allowed.

15. All drivers must wear an approved helmet.

16. All drivers must wear a lap belt and a shoulder belt (factory belt ok).

17. Drivers door should have support for driver's protection. This is the only welding allowed.

18. Suggest using foam padding from seat on the inside of driver's door.

19. Doors must be secured shut (door comes open may be disqualified).

20. Roll bars and fire suits highly recommended but not mandatory as of yet.

21. If not a fire suit, must have long sleeve shirt, long pants and gloves while racing.

22. Fuel cell must be mounted in truck bed with metal straps (no bungee or nylon/fabric straps allowed.

23. If truck has manual fuel pump must stay manual.

24. NO (OPEN) ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES ALLOWED IN THE PITS UNTIL THE EVENING EVENTS HAVE BEEN CONCLUDED. NO EXCEPTIONS! If drinking is suspected you will not be allowed to participate and will be asked to leave the speedway.

25. All doors must be secure; if one opens the truck will be disqualified.

26. All trucks must have a hood and holes cut in it for access in the event of a fire to shoot fire extinguishers in.

27. If using wire in window opening, use no larger than #9 wire, and no more than three strands in each opening. No wire allowed in front door windows, left or right.

28. Screen required in front of driver seat.

29. Radiator must stay (no engine radiators inside passenger compartment).

30. Battery may be moved to inner truck area but must be fastened securely and covered. No more than two batteries.

31. Advertising on your truck is welcome but make sure your number is bright and big on both sides and on the roof of your truck (If not and you get scored wrong, it will be your fault).

32 All trucks must pass inspection before the event starts. Tech inspector has the right to refuse any truck.

33. No Grader blades or ag hitches. Hitch must be removed from receiver.

34. Will allow transmission coolers if done safely (Tech will decide).

35. Tires, no studs in powered wheels (studs can fly out). No implement tires (lugs can fly off). No larger than 8 ply load rating.

36. Drivers meeting before race at judges stand all must attend!

37. Family Event Keep Clean.

38. Reminder the more fans in the stands can mean more purse money (put on a nice show).

Reminder: This is a demolition derby - no cat & mouse. Fans want to see good hits.


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