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Crawford County Speedway

Combine Demolition Derby Rules
Truck Demolition Demo Rules
Combine Demolition Derby Rules


2009 Crawford County Fair Combine Demolition Derby Rules

1st Annual, Sunday, August 2nd, 2009





Cut off/ Registration All combines and drivers must be registered by August 2nd, 2009.  If not enough entries to put on a show, the derby will be cancelled.   All combines entered will need to assemble at the East infield entrance prior to 4:30 P.M.  There will be a mandatory pit meeting for all participants prior to derby.  $50.00 entry fee for combine and driver only. All other crew members are $15.00 admission each.


DerbyThe derby will consist of heats, a consolation heat (if necessary) and a final heat.  The consolation heat will be eliminated if the remaining machines deem it unnecessary depending on how many show up.


Competition – All heats will run back-to-back, with an intermission before the final heat.


Drivers - A driver’s meeting will be held at 4:45 P.M. on Sunday evening before the derby as stated above.  At this time, machines are inspected by the judges.


Combine Reinforcement – Reinforcing iron is limited to ten pieces, any length, located anywhere on the combine except in restricted areas.  Iron replacement can be any iron:  angle, channel, or flat, as is limited to a maximum gauge of 2” X 2” X ”.  Iron spears or external iron used for aggressive action is prohibited.  NO extra welding on the Cutter Bar Edge, NO welding Rock Guards and Header Bottom, and NO concrete in the platform auger.  NO well casing can be used as a stiffener. Rub bars may be placed around the radiator or variable speed drives, but not the rear axle parts.  If a combine has suffered a broken piece (i.e. a tie-rod or axle) it can be repaired with iron to support the break. This added iron does not fall into the 10 piece limit, as long as the reinforcement is the same width as the broken piece. Only two braces are allowed: one on each side of the header inside the front wheel.  Rear axle can be shortened, no braces between rear axle and frame.  No bracing allowed around rear wheels.  One 1 inch angle iron allowed on steering arm. (Does not include bracing to keep headers at the required 16-20 inch height.) Any number on iron pieces can be used for hydraulic stops for safety or any driver protection supports.  Straw Walker Housing must be cut off at back of rear crank.   Maximum header width is 18 feet.  UNLOAD AUGER MUST BE REMOVED.


ALL GLASS AND LIGHTS MUST BE REMOVED.  A protective cage must be built to protect driver, possibly several bars in the front and side of the driver.


DRIVER MUST BE ABLE TO SEE BEHIND HIM/HER.  Grain tank extension must be removed.


Maximum horsepower  150HP.


Grain platform only (No cornheads).  All reel and cutting edge parts must be removed.


All batteries must be secured in a box for protection from debris.


Fuel tanks must be secured in grain tank with caps that do not allow spillage for fuel should the combine tip over.  (Vent could be used for “breather”.)  Maximum of 10 gallons in tank.


Water only in the radiators.


Inspection/Judging – Impartial judges are selected from the surrounding area.  They will inspect combines before the derby begins.  Pushing or pulling another combine outside of the barrier limits, and high speed ramming, for example, may warrant disqualification.  Two or more combines locked together must attempt to separate within a three-minute time limit or risk disqualification.  Also, no driving or backing into driver’s area of opponent’s combine.  A warning will be precede disqualification.  If you lose your header, you are disqualified from that heat.  (Feeder spout is not a part of the header.)  Officials will carry hand held air horns which can be heard by the drivers.   Grain tables are recommended to be welded on.  Any combine not making a hit within 5 minutes is disqualified in that heat.


 Calcium Chloride – Calcium Chloride must be removed from the machine’s tires since it is considered an environmental hazard.  NO FLUID IN TIRES.


Repairs – Repairs to machines may commence at any time after the machine has been removed from the arena between heats or during intermission.


Conduct – Anyone who is acting in a way in which is seen inappropriate by an official will be asked to leave.  Drivers are responsible for their pit crews.


Alcohol – No alcohol may be brought into the event. 


Combines must be removed from the Fairgrounds by noon the following day (Monday).


Prizes  -  Money prizes are awarded to derby winners as follows:  1st - $750, all others decided by participation levels.



















2009 Combine Demolition Derby Entry


Driver’s Last Name____________________________First_______________Middle_______


Mailing Address___________________________________________




Driver’s Phone #__________________


Model_________________________         Brand__________________________


Color__________________________         Number________________________


I do agree, by signing this application form that I will abide by all the rules and regulations set forth, including, but not limited to, the following:

1.        I have, or will have, familiarized myself with all the rules and regulations, including combine specifications and safety rules.

2.       I agree that I shall be the sole spokesperson for myself, the combine owner, and the crew, in all matters pertaining to compliance with the rules and regulations and I agree and understand that I am responsible for the conduct of my crew.

3.       I agree that all decisions of officials, regarding the interpretation and application of the rules, and the scoring shall be non-litigable.  I further covenant and agree that I will not initiate any type of legal action against the promoter, to challenge such decisions, to seek monetary damages, to seek injunctive relief or to seek any other kind of legal remedy.  I understand that if I pursue any such legal action, which violates this provision, then I expressly agree to reimburse the promoter, all of its attorney’s fees and costs in defending against such legal action.

4.       I also agree to release all advertising and promotional rights to my name, combine, and likeness to the sponsors and promoter.

5.       I understand that all points, awards and money earned will be paid to the driver.

6.       I further understand that there is no express or implied warranty of safety resulting from publication or compliance with the combine rules and that they are intended as a guide for the conduct of the sport ands are in no way a guarantee against injury or death to participants, spectators, or others.

7.       I understand that I am an independent contractor and am not an agent or employee of the promoter.  I further understand that as an independent contractor I am solely responsible for compensating my employees, agents, or pit crew members.  I also assume full responsibility for reporting or filing any reports or tax returns with the appropriate authorities on any or all earnings or funds received as a result of my participation in the events, including, but not limited to, Federal Social Security taxes, Federal income taxes, State income taxes, Federal and State withholding taxes, unemployment taxes and workers compensation insurance.

8.       I certify that at the time of signing this application, I am in fact at least eighteen (18) years of age.




Competitor’s Signature______________________________         Date_____________



Emergency Name & Phone #_______________________________________________

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